No Way! Okay, Fine, is a memoir about pop culture, pop music, feminism and feelings.


        "Brodie is whip smart; merging pop-culture references with vulnerable, personal experiences to create a collection that reads like a hilarious catch-up call with an old friend. What a pleasure to hear from this fresh, extremely relevant point of view."
- Abbi Jacobson

        "I wish Brodie was the voice of my inner monologue; narrating me through life with her fierce intelligence and never-ending pop culture references. Instead, I'll just settle for this extremely relatable, unashamedly funny, powerful and beautifully vulnerable book No Way! Okay, Fine."
- Courtney Barnett

        "Brodie Lancaster is a thoughtful and patient writer, and this book is a generous, deep dive into her psyche. Brodie's thoughts about her body, her friends and lovers, her choices and fears are all presented with the same staccato blast of pop culture touchstones, and if you love boy bands/the internet/reality television/Gilmore Girls/literally every other thing that is good in the world, you will adore this book."
- Emma Straub

Some reviews

        "Lancaster’s voice is smart and entertaining and witty, but we already knew that – it’s really no surprise that her book is too."
- Writers Bloc

        "Intensely relatable and packed with pop culture references, No Way! Okay, Fine left me feeling validated, angry, inspired, and unstoppable. But most importantly it made me feel a little less alone and, to make a pop culture reference of my own, I’d kill for a time travelling DeLorean so I could go back about ten years and shove this book into the hands of a teenage me."
- The AU Review

        "A coming-of-age story with a fierce, feminist heart and a broad sense of purpose. … Complex themes, from body acceptance and internalised misogyny to performative grief and disavowal of religion, are rendered in a strikingly honest and accessible way."
- Books + Publishing